Robert W Gereau

Robert W Gereau is affiliated with the Washington University Pain Center.[1]He specializes in anesthesiologist.[2]He is a member of the pain center.[2]

His studies include development of new enabling technologies for wireless measurement and manipulation of neural function, and his work has been supported by NIH for more than 20 years.[3]

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the Washington University Pain Center


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New Implantable, Wireless Device May Block Pain Signals with Light

A new implantable, wireless device may be able to block pain signals in the body and the spinal cord before the signals reach the brain. The new device could be huge when it comes to battling chronic pain. "Our eventual goal is to use this technology to treat pain in very specific locations by providing a kind of 'switch' to turn off the pain signals long before they reach the brain," said Robert W. Gereau, co-senior investigator, in a news release. In theory, those with chronic pain would receive a simple implant in the region that's paining them and then would be able to "turn off" the pain without the need for medicines or chemicals.[4]


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