Michael H. Bowling

Michael H. Bowling is a computer scientist at the University of Alberta.[12]

Bowling became the head of the University of Alberta's Computer Poker Research Group in 2006.[3]

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A.I. is Now 10 Times Better Than a Professional Poker Player

As Michael Bowling, co-author of the research and leader of the Computer Poker Research Group at Alberta, puts it: poker is the next big step for designing AI. In a game of Heads Up No Limit poker, DeepStack was able to win against professional poker players at a rate of 49 big blinds per 100. ”We are winning by 49 per 100, that’s like saying whatever the players were doing was not that much more effective than if they just folded every hand,” Bowling tells Inverse. The program has a deep neural network and is able to learn as it goes and store what it learned so that it can pull from its memory when playing a new game.[5]


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Google AI subsidiary opens new office in Alberta

One of the U.K.’s leading artificial intelligence firms has announced that it will be opening its first research facility outside Europe – at the University of Alberta. Led by professors Michael Bowling, Patrick Pilarski, and Rich Sutton, a reinforcement learning pioneer who served as startup-turned-Google-subsidiary DeepMind Technologies Ltd.’s first advisor back in 2010, DeepMind Alberta will employ a 10-person team that will focus on core scientific research. DeepMind co-founder and CEO Demis Hassabis looks forward to contributing to Alberta’s research ecosystem with his company’s new facility. University of Alberta computing science professors and artificial intelligence researchers Richard Sutton, Michael Bowling, and Patrick Pilarski will serve as the leaders of the new DeepMind Alberta research facility.[4]


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