Lisa M Jaremka

Lisa M Jaremka is affiliated with the University of Delaware.[1]She specializes in psychological and brain sciences.[1]She is a member of department of psychological and brain sciences.[2]

Lisa Jaremka is a researcher and assistant professor of psychological and brain sciences at the University of Delaware.[3]Her research interests have focused on how social experiences affect a person's motivation, physiology and health.[4]Last year, she co-authored a paper in the journal Clinical Psychological Science that found links between marital stress, appetite, diet and body mass.[5]

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Study: Fighting with your spouse can make you fat

For those couples watching their waistlines, the bad news gets worse: Not only does the hormone create cravings, it propels you toward fatty foods like fried chicken and ice cream. According to the study's lead author, Lisa M. Jaremka, a University of Delaware assistant professor specializing in psychology and brain sciences,  " Ghrelin's not just pushing you to eat. It's creating a craving for specific types of foods: those that are high in sugar, high in fat and high in salt." She says the catalyst for the study was data that suggests people in distressed relationships tend to have shorter life spans and are more likely to suffer from weight-related health problems like type 2 diabetes and heart disease.[6]


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