Linda S Pagani

Linda S Pagani is a researcher at Université de Montréal.[12]She specializes in pyschoeducation.[3]

Linda Pagani is a professor at the School of Psychoeducation, University of Montreal.[4]Similar studies have been carried out before but the study she led is the first to specifically identify the effects of smoke exposure to children's weights.[5]

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Smoking around toddlers or while pregnant equally bad for kids

Washington, June 22 - If you carelessly smoke around toddlers or while you are pregnant, chances are that your kids will end up with wider waist and a higher BMI by time they reach ten years of age. University of Montreal's Professor Linda Pagani, who led the study, said that the children who had been intermittently or continuously exposed to smoke were likely to have waists that were up to three-fifths of an inch wider than their peers. And their BMI scores were likely to be between.48 and.81 points higher. The study is the first to identify specifically the effect of the smoking.[7]


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The Surprising Thing That Could Lead To Your Child Being Bullied

By skipping out on these engagements, toddlers won't be able to properly develop "emotional intelligence," making them more prone to bullying in middle school and beyond. "Emotional intelligence is driven by social experience," said study coauthor Linda Pagani, a psychologist and professor in the school of psycho-education at the University of Montreal and a researcher at the brain health division of the Sainte-Justine's Children's Hospital. I talk, you listen.[6]


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