Kevan Herold

Kevan Herold is an endocrinologist at Yale University.[1]He specializes in immunobiology.[2]

Dr. Kevan Herold is Professor of Immunobiology and of Medicine as well as Deputy Director, Yale Center for Clinical Investigation, Director of the Yale Diabetes Center and the TrialNet Center at Yale.[3]

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Yale study: Hope seen for producing insulin in type 1 diabetics

The cells that produce insulin in the pancreas are called beta cells and in type 1 diabetes, an autoimmune disease, they are destroyed by the immune system, according to a press release. But the researchers found that some beta cells survive the immune system’s attack, the release said. “During the development of diabetes, there are changes in beta cells so you end up with two populations of beta cells,” said Dr. Kevan Herold, professor of immunobiology at Yale and senior author of the study, in the release. He said the ability of some beta cells to survive was because of a “duck and cover” strategy, according to the release.[4]


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