Kathryn J Boor

Kathryn J Boor is affiliated with Cornell University.[1]She is a member of Cornell University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and College of Agriculture and Life Science.[23]

With him are, from left, Emma Mullen, Boor, Scott McArt and Bryan Danforth.[5]

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Cornell University


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Cornell station to receive $600,000

Nozzolio unveiled the acquisition of a Hiperbaric 55 High Pressure Processing machine, which will allow the station to "conduct transformational research, instruction and outreach that will revolutionize the food processing industry, expand new markets for locally grown agricultural products, and create new jobs in the Finger Lakes region and throughout New York state." The new equipment will provide food safety certification for new products, placing the Geneva Experiment Station "at the epicenter of the food processing industry." At the unveiling Monday in Geneva, Nozzolio was joined by Kathryn Boor, dean of the Cornell College of Agriculture and Life Sciences; Susan Brown, director of the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station; Rick Marshall, director of Hiperbaric USA; and other Cornell staff members. “The addition of High Pressure Processing capability to the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva will enable Cornell researchers to open new frontiers for food safety while boosting the competitiveness of New York’s food processors.”[6]


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