Jonathan P Godbout

Jonathan P Godbout is affiliated with Ohio State University.[1]He specializes in neuroscience.[2]

Jonathan Godbout is an associate professor of neuroscience with Ohio State University's Center for Brain and Spinal Cord Repair.[3]His research is the first to analyze the relationship between chronic stress and short-term memory.[4]

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Ohio State University


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'Long-term stress erodes short-term memory’

Researchers from the Ohio State University, who worked on mice, said that their research could one day lead to ``treatment for repeated, long-term mental assault such as that sustained by bullying victims, soldiers and those who report to beastly bosses''. Lead researcher Jonathan Godbout said memory erosion is only associated with chronic stress. ``This was associated with the presence of immune cells, called macrophages, in the brain of the stressed mice,'' said a press release put out by the university.[5]


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