Evelyn N Wang

Evelyn N Wang is a mechanical engineer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.[1]She is a member of Department of Mechanical Engineering.[3]

The system Wang and her students designed consists of a kilogram of dust-sized MOF crystals pressed into a thin sheet of porous copper metal.[4]

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Scientists Turn Air Into Drinking Water With Device Powered Solely by Sunlight

In a study published in the journal Science, researchers led by Evelyn Wang from MIT, Massachusetts, and Omar Yaghi, from the University of California, Berkeley, have now demonstrated how their device collects moisture from the air and turns it into drinkable water. Recently, he and Wang, a mechanical engineer, teamed up to develop an MOF device that could collect water. Device that turns air into drinking water. “In taking the invention out of the lab and demonstrating the device in real-world conditions, we have shown that the MOF works and the device that it is contained within can operate and deliver water by trapping water from dry air.[5]


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