Enrico Pontelli

Enrico Pontelli is affiliated with NMSU 's College of Arts and Sciences.[1]He is a member of College of Arts and Sciences.[2]

Dr. Pontelli is a Regents Professor with nearly two decades of service to NMSU who has been Interim Associate Dean for Planning and Academic Resources in the College of Arts and Sciences since 2014.[3]He served as head of the Department of Computer Science for five years, during which he led the department on a path of growth.[4]Pontelli's research interests are in the general area of artificial intelligence, high performance computing, assistive technologies and bioinformatics.[4]He has published over 250 peer-reviewed papers in international venues and secured over $14 million in funding for his research.[4]He is the founder of the university's Young Women in Computing program, which has reached more than 14,000 students and raised the visibility of NMSU in the computer science education community.[4]Enrico Pontelli has accepted an appointment as dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at New Mexico State University.[5]

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Recent events

NMSU students create app for contact tracing on campus

Over the summer three NMSU computer science students created an app, specifically for contact tracing on campus. “It allows us to collect the GPS location of people while they’re on campus so that we know where they were and for what period of time,” says Enrico Pontelli, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. The app only works on campus and it gives users the option to allow the GPS tracking, or to check-in manually. NMSU faculty say they are working with other universities across the state to develop similar apps for their campuses.[6]


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NMSU Arts and Sciences Dean condemns ICE ruling regarding international students

New Mexico State University's College of Arts and Sciences Dean, Enrico Pontelli, condemned new guidelines released by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement in a statement Monday. The rule announced July 6 may jeopardize the education of international students - requiring them to leave the country in the case that a university adopts an online learning model due to the coronavirus pandemic. According to the Office of International Student and Scholar Services webpage, NMSU currently enrolls more than 1200 international students ranging from over 80 countries.[7]


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NSF awards NMSU $5 million for Phase II of smart grid research

A team of researchers at New Mexico State University will continue another five years of collaborative smart grid research with a second $5 million award from the National Science Foundation. “The first phase was really focused on smart grids,” said Enrico Pontelli, principal investigator of the project and NMSU’s dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. Computer science associate professor Jay Misra is the co-principal investigator leading the Security and Resilience Frameworks aspect of the project.[8]


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