David L Glanzman

David L Glanzman is a neurobiologist at the University of California, Los Angeles.[12]He specializes in physiology.[34]

He and his colleagues published research in the journal eLife in 2014 indicating that lost memories can be restored.[5]Glanzman has studied memory for more than three decades.[6]

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Science fiction becomes reality: Researchers 'transfer memories' between animals

The results suggest that memories can be physically transferred by injection, and follow claims from similar experiments in the 1960s that this could lead to 'memory pills' or jabs in the future. Science fiction has become reality, after neuroscientists were able to transfer a memory from one animal into another. The study, led by professor David Glanzman at UCLA, says its results offer 'dramatic support' for the idea that memory can be stored in ribonucleic acid, or RNA – the 'biochemical cousin' of DNA which is used to copy and transport our genetic code. It states: 'Our results suggest that RNA could eventually be used to modify, either enhance or depress, memories.'[7]


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