Danielle M Dick

Danielle M Dick is affiliated with Virginia Commonwealth University.[1]

Dick is a professor at local university, where she heads several programs.[2]

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Virginia Commonwealth University


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VCU professor, victim of sexual assault at massage salon, helps Massage Envy put new policies in place

Danielle Dick, a professor at Virginia Commonwealth University who was assaulted in 2015 at a Massage Envy spa in Henrico County, was instrumental in helping the company change its policy and put procedures in place to support victims. "Melanie Hansen, Massage Envy's general counsel, actually flew out last week to meet with me and discuss their plans to overhaul their policies before they were made public," Dick said Wednesday. Experts from RAINN will begin an end-to-end review of Massage Envy policies and procedures — including reporting and investigation. She sponsored a campaign on the site collecting signatures from people asking Massage Envy to support people who were sexually assaulted in their stores.[3]


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