Charis Eng

Charis Eng is affiliated with the Center for Personalized Genetic Healthcare.[1]She is a member of the Genomic Medicine Institute.[2]

She is a cancer expert who specializes in genomic studies and she has found connections linking cancer drugs to treating autism.[3]In 1997, she discovered the genetic root of Cowden syndrome, a rare condition characterized by tumor-like growths and a high lifetime risk of many cancers.[4]

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Researchers Find Link between Breast Cancer and Bacterial Imbalance

Researchers have found that the composition of healthy female breast tissue bacteria is different from women with breast cancer. The study, published in the journal Oncotarget, shows that healthy breast tissue contains more species of Methylobacterium bacteria, a finding that could offer a new perspective in the fight against breast cancer. In this study, a team of researchers from Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, USA, took the first step to understand the bacterial composition in breast cancer by uncovering different microbial differences in healthy breast tissue and cancer. "To my knowledge, this is the first study to examine both breast tissue and distant sites of the body for bacterial differences in breast cancer.Our hope is to find a biomarker that can help us diagnose breast cancer quickly and easily.In our wildest dreams, we hope can use microbiomy right before the form of breast cancer and then prevent cancer with probiotics or antibiotics, "said co-senior author Charis Eng, Chairman of the Cleveland Clinic Genomics Treatment Institute, as quoted from The Indian Express, Monday .[5]


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