Chaouki T. Abdallah

Chaouki T. Abdallah is affiliated with the University of New Mexico.[1]

Chaouki Abdallah is the acting president of the University of New Mexico.[2]Abdallah is fluent in English, French, and Arabic, and serves on Georgia Tech's ECE Advisory Board.[3]Abdallah was named interim president in January 2017 and was officially named as the 22nd president by the Board of Regents on Feb. 13, 2018.[4]Abdallah has served many roles at UNM during his 30-year career including acting president, followed by interim president and finally as the 22nd president of the state's largest institution of higher education over a 14-month period from Jan. 2017 through Feb. 2018.[5]In 2005 Abdallah was appointed chair of the Electrical and Computer Engineering department in the UNM School of Engineering , a position he held prior to becoming the provost and executive vice president of academic affairs in July 2011.[5]The steps Abdallah are taking are aimed at balancing the books for the suites and the upgraded seating.[6]

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Recent events

University of New Mexico Embraces Free Speech, Drops MILO Security Fee

The president of the University of New Mexico has suspended the security fee for MILO's upcoming event in order to ensure its "[commitment] to the principles of free speech." At the time the university responded by saying that they had "taken care to treat this event and its organizers precisely as they would any other campus event sponsored by a student group," and that "the event, program, or facility rental sponsor is responsible for security costs based on the number of police and/or security officers required and the length of event, program, or rental." Security fees have been a source of controversy throughout the Dangerous Faggot Tour, and has sometimes been used as a means of censoring MILO's talks by pricing student groups out of hosting the event , simply because the university cannot control their own students. However, in the case of the University of New Mexico, the university's acting president, Chaouki Abdallah, released a statement saying the university would not proceed with the security fee.[789]


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Athletic Director Used $64,949 In UNM Funds To Pay For Fancy Golf Trip

The UNM Athletic Department paid Krebs's ($9,379) and Neal's ($8,189) bill. Per KRQE, the athletic department cannot spend a dime on fundraising activities. Rather, that's the sole province of the UNM Foundation, which declined to respond to a request for comment as to why it didn't pay for the trip itself.) Now, it turns out Krebs was initially lying to both KRQE and UNM acting president Chaouki Abdallah about the total amount doled out by the athletic department: Paul Krebs told President Abdallah it wasn't just Athletic Department bigwigs who got a free vacation to Scotland. The Athletic Director says UNM paid for their trip because they were potential donors to the athletic program.[101112]


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New Mexico AD Paul Krebs to retire at end of June

Krebs sent out a message to acting UNM President Chaouki Abdallah announcing that his retirement will be effective on June 30th. Until then, Krebs will be using some of his annual leave for the remaining time. In his statement to Abdallah, Krebs says: "I have been planning to retire for some time, but delayed my departure at your request to help ensure a smooth Athletic Department leadership transition; however, I believe my retirement at this time is in my best interest and the University's."[131415]


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  1. 4
    Abdallah honored with reception as he leaves office2018-02-28
  2. 5
    Abdallah accepts position as executive vice president for research at Georgia Tech2018-07-01