Andrea C Gore

Andrea C Gore is a pharmacologist at the University of Texas at Austin.[12]She is a member of the Endocrine Society.[3]

Andrea C. Gore, PhD, is a professor of pharmacology who holds the Vacek Chair of Pharmacology at The University of Texas at Austin.[4]Dr. Gore is Editor-in-Chief of the journal Endocrinology.[4]

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Everyday Chemical Exposure Linked to Obesity, Diabetes Epidemic

“The evidence is more definitive than ever before — EDCs disrupt hormones in a manner that harms human health,” says Andrea C. Gore, PhD, Professor and Vacek Chair of Pharmacology at the University of Texas at Austin and chair of the task force that developed the statement. “Hundreds of studies are pointing to the same conclusion, whether they are long-term epidemiological studies in human, basic research in animals and cells, or research into groups of people with known occupational exposure to specific chemicals.” The statement — which was addressed at the International Conference on Chemicals Management , in Geneva, Switzerland — calls upon policymakers to keep EDCs out of our everyday items and to regulate further chemical testing. “Plastics are more likely to leach out of containers when heated,” says Gore.[5]


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