Raina MacIntyre

C. Raina MacIntyre is a professor of world biosecurity, NHMRC principal analysis fellow and head of the biosecurity programme on the Kirby Institute, College of New South Wales.[1]Prof MacIntyre is acknowledged as one the world’s leading experts on epidemiology and detection and mitigation of bioterrorism and biological warfare.[2]C MacIntyre receives funding from NHMRC and Sanofi currently.[3]Professor MacIntyre is an international leader in face mask research and has led the largest body of published clinical research on the use of face masks and respirators in the community and in health care for prevention of infection.[4]In her research, MacIntyre compares how well different PPE protect against illness, in both clinical and home settings.[5]

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Epp y covid 2020

The World Health Organization, the US Centers for Disease Con- trol and Prevention and other leading health organisations have different recommendations for the selection of respiratory protec- tion. For example, the WHO recommends using masks to protect health workers from COVID-19 during routine care and respirators during aerosol generating procedures 2020). Infection prevention and control during health care when novel coronavirus infection is suspected.[3]


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What are surgical masks and respirators, and why are they important in the fight against COVID-19?

Surgical masks and respirators are two forms of PPE that health care providers need to work safely in a pandemic. What do surgical masks and respirators actually do? Surgical masks have two to four thin layers, and respirators have five to six layers that vary in rigidity and density. But respirators offer more protection than surgical masks because of the way they fit.[5]


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Coronavirus: How fearful ought to we be in regards to the scarcity of face masks?

For instance, there isn’t a want for most people to make use of face masks in Australia, the US and different counties the place a couple of imported instances are reported, and the danger of catching the virus is low. Throughout the SARS epidemic, 21 per cent of all cases globally have been well being staff. If giant outbreaks occur in different nations, China might not be capable to meet the demand of face masks, respirators and different medical provides. With a scarcity of masks, low-quality masks might be exported to different nations.[1]


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